Wednesday, June 6, 2012


So, last night as I was talking to my sister, I realized how much girls/women are deceived. (Guys are too, but that is not my point.) We believe a lie that is planted in our hearts by the enemy that image is everything. Some of us form ideas in our minds of what beautiful is. When we don't line up with the definition of beauty we have created, we don't believe the truth about who we are. We base our appearance on what it could be, rather than on what it is. This is a LIE!!! Image is not everything. From this lie, eating disorders, fake identity, and self-hate are born. This is exactly what Satan wants though. He wants us to despise the beautiful creation that Jesus gave everything for. We are created in God's image. We were formed by him and our destinies and our days on this earth were carefully planned out and counted. This lie needs to be recognized, and broken. We were not only created to bring God glory, but we were created because God loved us to much not to create us. He didn't need us, but he wanted us. So, are you going to believe the lie that you are not good enough? Are you going to continue to tell God that he messed up when he created you the way you are? Are you going to let others around you buy into the lie, or are you going to tell them about it and speak life and truth into their lives? Its up to you now.