Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Year Without a Christmas

With Christmas 3 days away, I thought it appropriate to have another post on Christmas... It's such a big day that people anticipate all year round. My title was inspired by five minutes of thinking, and so basically I'm winging it. Last year, I was gone for Christmas... my parents, sisters and I were out of country. Our Christmas' are awesome! I mean, we open presents, eat, decorate for the family dinner, open more presents once grandparents, friends, and uncles and aunts come over. Then we eat some more, then we sit and talk and then have dessert. Last Christmas though, we had none of that. It was like someone took away everything from me, and I couldn't get any of it back. It was the hardest Christmas yet. Russia didn't celebrate their Christmas in December, but in January, so I didn't get to see the beautiful decorations in the malls or on the streets. We didn't do presents, we didn't do Christmas... at least, not the way everyone understands it to be. We were having a hard time on I think would be either Christmas Eve, or Christmas day. My parents decided they should pray about it, and so they did. God showed them that Christmas is an attitude, not just a day. It's not about presents, the food, the family coming over, and the decorations. It's about giving, love, and joy. I mean, what would Christmas be without those things. It would be a party of receiving gifts and giving them because it was traditional.  So, we did end up having Christmas when we got home, and it's all good now :) Although it was a very hard month in Russia, I'm so happy that God taught me about Christmas, and why he did what he did.
God GAVE his Son out of LOVE to bring us salvation and JOY.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Presents

Christmas is like my favorite time of the year for several reasons. First, it's a reminder of the best gift I have ever received, it's a celebration time with all of my family, and I absolutely LOVE the decorations! But, as my title suggests, I'm not talking about the lights, decorations or the family. I'm talking about presents. I always get so caught up in the material presents, sometimes forgetting the greatest Gift ever, Jesus. I wish that I could say that even if I didn't get any presents that I would be overjoyed and satisfied with Jesus and salvation, but I can't just yet. So, if the meaning of Christmas, the reason we celebrate it, and the reason it exists is because of Jesus coming down to save us, then why aren't we focusing on him as much as we should? A lot Christians focus on Him closer to December 25, while others start in December and NEVER start. Christmas isn't a day, it's a sort of spirit... Not a spiritual being, but an attitude. So when you're getting your Christmas presents try and imagine if you hadn't got any this year. If you can imagine it, and be okay with it, then you have a gift. The gift of a grateful heart for the things that truly matter.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Meaning of Christmas

Sorry to blast your child fantasy into a blivion, but Santa isn't the meaning of Christmas. Not even close. Let that soak in. Okay, let's move on. So in the Bible the Christmas story is relayed a few times. An angel comes to Mary, she gets pregnant by way of the Holy Spirit. Her pledged to be husband Joseph is then freaked out, and almost divorces/leaves her. Mary is shunned and is very close to being stoned to death. But that wouldn't move God's plan along or help it any, so he gave Caesar the brilliant idea of having a census. By the time Joseph reaches Bethlehem, Mary is ready to pop, and she does. So adorable baby Jesus is born. The reason God sent Jesus down is because of love. He wanted Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and the world to experience the love of God. He made us out of love, he saved us out of love. It all comes down to LOVE. Jesus is the meaning of Christmas, but Jesus is love. "That's what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown"



I cannot believe that I missed a post on Thanksgiving! This is terrible! Okay, well it's belated, but I can still do one :)

The Bible says to give thanks to God in everything, but why is it that usually we only think about being thankful for things in November. Honestly? I've heard it put in this really good way, What if everything you said you were thankful for today was all you had tomorrow? For me, I would only have Jesus, my family and my friends. Nothing else. But that changed. I realized that if God gave it to me, he can certainly take it away. I mean, imagine, you give a lot to a child but they don't have an ounce of visible gratitude. They just take it for granted like "Yay! I now have more than I did". You are like, "come on, a simple 'thank you' would be nice." We're like the kid. God gives us gifts, lots of them, and if we're not grateful for the things he has given us, do you think that he'll want to give us more? He loves us, but that doesn't mean that he sometimes resents the things he gives us. So, what is our choice going to be? We choose to be thankful, in fact, it's not even part of our sin nature. Crazy right? :) Don't just choose to be thankful in the month of November, but everyday, all year.


Friday, October 28, 2011


Halloween is a day where, as my brothers understand it, you get to dress up in an awesome costume and then get lots of candy. It seems so innocent. The real story behind it is not very appealing. (You can read for yourself at the Answers in Genesis website) The real fact of the matter is that Halloween is a cultic day. It is a day that Satan has tried (and mostly succeeded) to own. We as God's people have to take a stand against what is wrong and what is evil. So what can we do??? Don't take part in the normal Halloween things... the freakiness of it all. You can "celebrate" this Halloween by celebrating God and His power, his faithfulness, the fact that he defeated death and brought us life, and the fact that we don't belong to Satan anymore. Look at Halloween though a child's eyes, but also realize the darkness that is associated with. Take part in the innocent side of Halloween, the fun of eating candy and occasionally dressing up. My family used to skip Halloween, go to the beach for a weekend, eat candy and have a whole bunch of fun. It was innocent, and fun, but without Halloween.

Monday, October 17, 2011

He Calls me Lovely

Girls, this post applies almost only to you.

This morning she looked in the mirror in dismay,
She took one look at her reflection and cringed.
"Why God, did you make me this way?"
She turned away quickly, then looked at her body,
"Why God, did you make me so fat?"
She skipped her breakfast, and forgot her lunch,
Though her friends said she was pretty, and thin.
She said "Whatever" and thought they were lying.
Her parents were busy with other things,
And did not pay attention, their love was still there,
Just not in the same form.
She was so tired of not trusting
Those who loved her the most.
But she was self-conscious, and afraid that what she saw was what others saw too.
Days passed by in utter frustration at the God who created her in his image.
One very late night, in her bedroom, she was crying tears of pain.
Then she heard a voice saying your lovely to me.
She said, "No I'm ugly, fat, and worthless,
How could anyone see me as lovely?"
The voice replied, "how could anyone see you as ugly?
I made you for a purpose. I made you for a reason.
You are my delight and my joy.
Never forget, I call you lovely".


You Can be a Hero

You can be a hero. You don't need to be a soldier or be in other known hero occupations. You can be a hero in your school, (Co-op counts too) church , or even on the streets. If you just talk to someone, you could change their life. They could have told God that if no one talked to them that day, they would kill themselves. They could be in depression. They could have no family. They could feel unloved. You don't know. But because the most amazing hero lives in you, you can be a hero. I love Super Chic(k)'s song Hero. That song inspired me to write this post. It is so eye opening and spot on that I recommend you looking it up and listening to it. I know that there are so many teens imparticular who struggle with suicide. They don't feel loved. They don't think they "fit in". They are so pressured to be a certain way (that is impossible to be for most people) that they can't bear being alive. That's when you can save their life. Talk to people who don't have like any friends. Listen to them and pray for them. It could change their lives and most importantly their decision. Don't just settle into your clique or exclude yourself from other people. Life is a gift, I just wish that every one knew how precious it is.


A Fortress

Have you ever thought of God being your fortress? You know, a fortress is a place of safety. It is strong and is a place to take refuge in. Stop reading after this next sentence and focus on the question. Just think, who or what is your fortress? Don't just say God is your fortress if he really isn't. Are you proud of your real fortress? I know I have made a few fortresses for myself. Where I am loved is usually where my fortress is. However, that isn't really good or right. You all know that I write songs. I write sometimes that God is my fortress. He isn't the only fortress I have though. I am ashamed to say that I'm not quite sure if he is my main fortress. I want him to be my fortress. He is stronger than death... what more could you want for a fortress. He loves us so deeply that we can't comprehend it! Imagine that. (Don't try too hard because it is humanly impossible. :D) He is so amazing that I can't even describe who he is to me. Distractions, sin, and junk of the world blind us to how amazing and wonderful he is though. We forget who we were made to love and who we were made to take refuge in. He is a strong and mighty fortress. All who take refuge in him will be blessed. I am not really sure how this will work, but I am going to challenge you to search your heart and examine your life. What do you rely on and take refuge in that is not God. Talk to God and depending if you are ready and willing, surrender those things to God. He can become your everything if you delight in him and surrender to him everything else that you rely soley on.


Quiet Time

Jesus, in the gospel chapters of the Bible (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) showed the example of spending time alone with God, his Father. Since we are Christians, our main purpose and goal is to become more like Jesus. He knew that, so when he came down, he modeled what our relationship with God should look like. So, spend time with God. Give him time out of your day. He gave you that time, and if you don't give him back that time, you are taking something away from God and yourself. You are taking from yourself a life saving amazing relationship with God. You are telling God that what you have to do is more important than Him. I think about it this way, if you have enough time to be on FaceBook, the computer, or to read a book, (that is not long lasting) then you have enough time to be with God, who is everlasting.



Okay, I don't know about you, but I have seen some girls who just shine. They are pretty, but that is not what gets my attention. There is a beauty and purity in them that shines out. That inner beauty is because of Jesus. That unusual thing about her is Jesus. I want to be that girl. My prayer is that when people see me, they will see my inner beauty. I want a beauty that lasts, and that is priceless. I don't want to be empty or shallow. I have Jesus and I don't want to be ashamed. HE is my identity and my beauty. Even if I am not beautiful according to the world, I desire to be beautiful according to God.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011


In these past months I have had so many challenges that I just ask God "Why? Why did you give me this. I don't know if I can do this. This is a mountain. I'm a grain of sand. Really God?" I know it sounds disrespectful and not God-honoring, but it's okay to ask questions. In challenges that we face there are things that we must not do and things that we must realize and learn. Let me tell you though, it's not an easy time even if you are firmly established in God.  Firstly, you must never doubt God, who he says he is and who he is. Secondly, you never should worry, Never loose hope, or listen to things that contradict the Bible. Worry will make things more difficult and will make your heart sick. Without hope, trials become bigger and bigger in your eyes. Listening to lies will tear you from God and challenges will become heavy burdens that you cannot hold. Thirdly, (This is like the most important point) God Never gives you more than he knows you can handle. You may have heard God never gives you more than you can handle. You might say God this is more than I can handle. He sees what you don't see. You knows you better than you know yourself. He knows you are capable of so much more than you think  you are. That is what I learned. 3 long years of challenges. Waiting, not hearing God, feeling deserted, change, and family adjustments. I never thought any of those things would happen. Let me tell you these things do happen, but they are only seasons. I told God that I was so tired of everything that was going on. I told him it was too much. You know, at the time it seemed like that. Here is another thing. For everything that happens anywhere at any time, place, whatever, God has a plan, a use and a reason for that thing. In trials and testing, God makes us stronger, more dependent on him, and more sure of who we are in Him. In those times, God made me stronger. He showed me who I am in Him, and he made me closer to Him. I am so happy that those challenges are over, but also that they came. God loves us, and will never let us go, but we need to cling to him. When everything falls apart, we must not give up on Him. He never gives up on us.


Saturday, June 25, 2011


Yes, yes, I know... Resolutions are mostly made and mentioned in the month of January, but do we keep them? No. (Unless you are perfect, then you keep your resolution to a T.) So, in this wonderful month of June, (it starts with a "J" at least) I am going to write about resolutions. There is a lot of meaning in that word. But, what does it mean to you? Think about it. A resolution is something that you decide or resolve to stick with and do. However, no one seems to stick to what they resolve to do. Every year, year after year, after New Years day, a lot of people want to loose weight and get in shape. There are signs for support groups, a whole bunch of people walking and running on the side walks and people are hitting the gym. Suddenly, after about a month or less of that, most of those people stop and give up on their resolutions. They don't see results, so consequently they give up. It's so sad. I'm not saying that all of those people needed to loose the weight, I'm just saying that when they don't see something happen in their suitable time frame, they decide it's not worth while to pursue. A resolution is so much more than a thought or idea, it's an action. I have made a resolution to follow Jesus. I have not given up so far, and I don't intend to. I don't always see results of him in my life, but I can't give up on him because I can't see, hear, or feel him. Too many have had a warm fuzzy, "I'm in Love with Jesus" feeling, but when come to reality again ditch Jesus because they can't escape their troubles. They ditch Jesus because the "honeymoon stage" is over. He doesn't make life perfect for you, but he does walk through life with you. So many people have given up on their resolution to follow Christ, and may never come back to him. They don't see the effects, they don't see progress. They don't feel "the change". Don't give up. Never break your resolution to follow Christ, and don't become one of those who never finish the race.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Defining God's Character

What automatically pops into your head when your are asked the question, "What is God like?" I can name a lot of things. Who is God? Creator, Perfector, gentle, kind, patient, just, righteous, holy, amazing, awesome, King of Kings, Lord, and Savior. There are so many other things that God is. He is someone that no human can comprehend. He hasn't even revealed all of his character to anyone. He is so loving that we can't begin to understand his love for us or how he loves a sinful people like us. His joy is so overwhelming that we can't experience it to the fullest here on earth. He is so amazing! How though can we get a better glimpse of God's character? By studying Him. You know, you need to learn about something before you can understand it. Even the hardest most impossible things to comprehend are studied in science and in math. Although, there will never be a complete knowledge of those subjects, they are studied to catch more of a glimpse of the complexity of that field. We should do the same with God. We need to study his word. We need to spend quality time with him. We need to glean more information out of whatever reliable and true resource that is out there about God-- the Bible. A few good places to start are, Isaiah, Proverbs, Genesis, Song of Songs (if you look at it as if it was your relationship with God.) and Romans. Then, you should follow where God leads. We will never fully understand who God is, but the more we understand who He is, the more we love him, and are able to see the bigger picture.


My One and only Passion

I have changed this blog's name, it's address, and it's theme a few times. However, I will never change it's content or the subject. All or most of the posts I write are totally centered around Jesus. These posts will still be from His point of view, but I am going to focus on who Jesus is. My One and Only Passion.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tearing out the Roots

Being a fallen world, we have sin. To us it is natural. We don't like it, but never the less it is there. As a people, we tend to pull out the visible part of our sin, but figure that if people can't see the sin, we are safe. It's like the skeleton in the closet. When we conclude that no one knows about our sin, we try to push it aside. However, when we don't uproot the "weeds" in our lives, the "weeds" come back again. Although uprooting things in your life takes time and it sometimes hurts, the result is more beautiful, holy, and righteous than before. There are lilies where there were thorns, and there is good fruit where fruit was never produced. The sin and stuff in our lives (No matter how big or how small) chokes the spiritual life out of us. I challenge you to pray and ask God what roots need to be torn up in your life. You aren't able to do this by yourself though. Some roots are so deep that you need a shovel. God will dig as deep as he needs to in order to uproot the sin. You must be willing for him to work in you. You are like the flower bed. He is the master gardener. He wants and needs to work in you. Don't hold him back.


Thursday, June 2, 2011


Hope: to place trust in; rely on

You hear in movies that certain characters are other character's last and only hope. Who is your last and only hope? Truly. Don't just do the Sunday school answer. Who do you depend on, rely on, and hope in? When there's nothing left, and your are hanging on by a thread, who do you hope in? I have thought about this for some time, and have come to the conclusion that I can only hope in Jesus Christ. He never fails me, and He will never let me go. When we put our trust in God and we hope only in His name, we will not stumble. We will be on solid ground, and He will fulfill our every need and want. We must rely on His saving grace, and not put our hope in things that will fall or fail us.

"My hope is built in nothing less, than Jesus' blood and righteousness. I dare not trust the sweetest frame but only lean on Jesus' name. In Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand, all other ground is sinking sand."


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Music is a very influential and powerful thing. It has been passed down through generations as an object of entertainment and praise. First off, I must say that although the instrumental part of most secular songs is really amazing, and the beat is "sick", the words are inappropriate, and repulsive. Some songs are sweet, while others are gross. The music itself, (not the words) is good. What you MUST realize is that although people say they only "listen" to the music and don't hear the words, after listening to that song once the words will be stuck in their heads. This is absolutely true. The thing is. is that when we listen to music that is not God-honoring, then we are polluting our hearts and minds. The Bible says, "Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things." Philippians 4:8 The Bible is very clear about what we should meditate on, focus on, and out our attention towards. Is today's music true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy? If the music isn't one of these things, then why are we filling our heads with it?  With the same ears that we hear God, we start polluting our minds by hearing wrong things. This should not be. Satan has been trying to steal the beauty of music and turn it into a stumbling block. Music was created to praise God, but now, it mocks God. The majority of secular music denies God, and distorts who God is. We as Christians need to take a stand against everything that is not true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy. Music (and media) is a good place to start. I encourage you to ask God for self control, and for sensitivity to impure things. Try not listening to secular music for one month, but to Christian music.  (I do have to say that this isn't easy at all. It is extremely hard. But when was surrender easy?)  Once you listen to even a song that has questionable lyrics, I am almost positive that you will want to turn the song off. You don't have to listen to nothing for a month though. Two of my favorite bands are Jesus Culture and Hillsong (Hillsong United is my favorite of all the Hillsongs). Check out my profile for other great bands too. As a generation and a people of God, we need to rise up and take a stand. Although we may loose friends, get laughed at, and get spiritually attacked, God has called us to be set apart from others. We are to be holy and righteous people of God.


Monday, May 23, 2011

God's Complete and Perfect Will

Human will. To do whatever we desire, whenever, no matter what it is. Our society and world right now says that you should get whatever, whenever. They bend the rules to make their will be done. God's will. He sees the big picture of our lives. He knows what id best for us. Only He does. A lesson I have learned: God will not give you what he has promised you until you are ready. The hard wait or silence that he allows is so that you will be ready to accept what he has for you. My family has gone through heartbreak, long waiting periods of silence, and disappointments. For 3 1/2 years we waited and God prepared us for a dramatic change. I am so glad that he had every detail worked out, and let his will be done and not mine. Our family learned to say, "Not our will but yours be done." Though it was painful and we were walking into a new season, God prepared us, and said, "My will is to be done. You can't comprehend what is in store for your life. You must rely on me, and let My will be done." Even Jesus said to is Father, "Let not my will, but your will be done." Before the Romans took him to die. Jesus new that God's will and plan was so much bigger and more important than his own, even though he faced death. God does everything because he loves us. If you are waiting and are wanting your will to be done, remember, (1) God is preparing you  (2) There is a reason, though we can't comprehend it, for everything God does (3) You aren't ready for the change God is bringing.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Change

Some people say that once you get saved an amazing change takes place in you, so much so that everyone can tell. I know that personally I had never felt that. Being raised in a strong Christian home, I always had a head knowledge of Jesus, but never really a heart knowledge. I knew that Jesus died for me, I knew all of the Bible stories... I even had a dream of someday becoming a missionary. I was one of those kids where those who did not live with me thought I was incapable of committing sin... (but only those who didn't live with me). Obviously, I didn't think much of a personal relationship with Jesus. I mean, I hadn't committed any "big" sins, I wasn't addicted to anything (accept for chocolate, but that's mostly a girl thing and not a life or death issue... most of the time.) I wasn't even exposed to what the real world was like. My life was guarded, and I had my parents to help me with my faith. About 5 years ago, my family left the church that I (almost literally) grew up in. We left friends and our church family behind. It was one of the hardest things I have gone through. We soon began looking for a new church. About a month later, we came to a place, and I knew this could be my new family. after about a year, I attended my churches annual camp. There I saw that God was a personal God. He moved in amazing ways and he healed every part of me. He touched me. However, even with that real experience, I was still so immature in my faith. I was so distracted, the Bible seemed, well boring to me. I left the change behind me, and focused on other things that caught my attention. God directed my family into a new season of waiting for 3 1/2 years for 3 children. That grabbed my attention once again. I found that God was pursuing me, but I needed to chase him. He was trying to instill a love and passion in me for him, but I was blocking him out of my life. I realized that the change that people felt, was because they changed their perspective of God, of life, of the world, and of the Bible. I needed to change my perspective and beliefs about who I was and who God is. God isn't a god who just waits for us to come to him. He wants us to come to Him... he shows himself to us. We need to seek him too though. We can't just wait for him to find us and capture our hearts. The change only comes when you allow God to be your Lord, your master, and your leader.


Sunday, May 8, 2011


I guess this is a dreaded word to shy people. I even dislike evangelizing sometimes because it honestly scares me and is out of my comfort zone. I don't feel capable of writing this, but I feel like I must.

  • Why do we need to evangelize?
Because Jesus instructed his disciples to go out into all the world and preach the good news of Jesus Christ. That isn't a good enough reason for alot of people, so I am going to expound on it. Say your best friend is on their death bed and they aren't saved. They are scared because they don't have a clue as to where they are going, or maybe they act like they know where they are going but in their heart they know they are wrong. Would you tell them about Jesus? What if they weren't going to die, would you still, because you love them, tell them about Jesus? You know, this doesn't just apply to friends... it aplies to everyone. I know of one person whose child died and a pastor told her thet her child wasn't saved. She turned away from God because she wanted to be with her son. Things like this happen all of the time. The enemy is getting more souls to torment everyday. If someone had reached out to that woman's son, she might still believe.
  • We aren't the only ones trying to evangelize
Mormans, Jahova's Wittnnesses, Budists etc., evangelize. There is a religeous "war" over souls. Even though many religeons (other than some denominations, like Methodist, Baptist, etc.) , acults, and cults claim to be another "form" of Christianity, they are not. The false religeon's "god" is really Satan. He has many people under his rule. But, even though it seems he is powerful he trembles in the light of God. He was created by God. And God is stronger than everything he has created. Not only that, but Satan has used many different religeons to snare people, but God doesn't need to.
  • Don't wait. Make the most of every opportunity God gives you.
I am convicted even as I say this, but it is selfish to keep and hide the gift God has given to you and to all people. He has given us salvation. Eternal life with Him forever. That is the greatest gift we could ever receive, and we aren't giving anyone a chance to receive it. Whether they reject God or what you say, when they stand before God on Judgment day, they won't have any excuse. Don't give your responsibility to someone else when God has given you a command to do something. Ignoring God won't get you anywhere, waiting is dangerous because we don't know the number of our days.
  • Out of my comfort zone
A lot of things seem to be out of my comfort zone, but when people or God push me to do something that scares me, I become stronger and it becomes easier. We need to overcome our fears. In our weakness, God shows his strngth. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We are running out of time, but God has a plan. Don't worry. God won't give you more than he knows you can handle. I know from experience. Everything in this post is biblical, and the Bible is nothing but truth. 2 Timothy 1:7 For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline.

I hope thie atricle has changed your view or helped you see evangelism different. If I have left anything out that you thought was important, leave a comment. :D


Love of My Life

The love of my life:

He was born to a young girl, about 15,
She was still pure though pregnant with him.
It was a miracle that wouldn't happen again.
At 12 years he was devoted forever to God,
And showed it by seeking his everything.

He became a teacher that many looked up to
but one that some people hated
He healed the sick and restored sight to the blind.
Deaf for once could hear the words he spoke.

He performed miracles by the power of the one who sent him
He never rejected any one, for they were is beloved people.

He was depised and rejected by the holy people.
He was labled as a sinner, though he did nothing wrong
he was shammed to the sinner's cross,
And could have saved himself,
but he took on our sin and shame and let the people mock him.

He died once, and once for all people
His father sacrificed his son for those he loved on earth
it was part of his plan.

Death could not hold him down,
he conquered the grave,
and rose frorm the dead 3 days after his death
He defeated our sin no matter how great or small
and it's nailed to the cross.

Jesus, the love of my life is he.
He was there when the before the earth was made,
He has been here and active since then and always will be.
He never leaves those who call on his name,
and he holds us when we can't stand up.


Saturday, May 7, 2011


This is a little bit of a follow up on surrender. These two concepts go hand in hand. Repentance is basically like asking for forgiveness, but sometimes when we ask for forgiveness, we don't turn all the way around and leave our sinful ways behind us. We just say, "God I'm sorry I got caught in my sin. Wash my sins away because I don't want to go to hell." But with repentance we turn 180 degrees around and forget our sinful ways. In a way, when we repent, it is also like surrendering. We give our sinful ways up, and never take them back again. It's fake surrender if we take back what we've surrendered. Repentance is bridging the gap between you and God. Sin totally separates us from God. The more sin in our lives, the farther away God is. I don't know about you, but I want to be as close to God as I can possibly get. Surrender gives God a complete open door into your life. When you get rid of things in your heart/life God can work even more through you because you are allowing him to do it. Your heart must be in the right place. In a place of surrender. I am guilty of not surrendering things to God when I should have, and I'm also guilty of not repenting. But when I surrender things to God, I open doors for him, and he does things. If you hold onto sin or anything that needs to go away, even though you think it will be too painful to give it up, in the end, it will hurt even more. It is Biblical to surrneder, and to repent, just so you know, and He will forgive you for everything you've ever done, but don't put it off.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Note: I'm a little hesitant to touch on the subject of surrendering. I just thought to put that out there. I'm taking everything straight from what God says. in this subject.

I know that the phrase "I surrender God" is sometimes cliche. No doubt it is one of the most powerful phrases in the world, not only in the spiritual but in the natural, but I don't think we completely realize what we are saying. What is surrendering? It is giving up... In a strong way. It is saying, "God, I know that you are bigger and that I can't do this alone." Or saying "I'm going to stop fighting your hand in my life." "I'm giving up what I want for what you want."  As you can probably tell, surrendering isn't a warm fuzzy feeling. It hurts. It is hard. It is sometimes extremely scary. Now that you understand what I'm talking about, lets move on to how it is becoming cliche. It's because some people sing in songs I surrender, even if they don't mean it. They say "I surrender God" but sometimes in their hearts are still fighting God. They say I surrender, but don't understand what they are saying. Surrendering in some churches is never taught. However, it is one of the most important things that needs to be done in our relationship with God.. Sin SEPARATES us from God. How can we follow and have a mutual personal relationship with someone we are separated from? Surrendering our worries, anger, frustrations, feelings, and hurts to God are not always as easy done then said. Surrendering our plans, lives and will to God is so hard.

Fighting against God is fighting for the Satan. We MUST surrender everything. If not our relationship with God is severed.

That is also where it becomes cliche. We say, "Surrender to God!" but don't teach what it means to surrender, therefore people are "surrendering" without truly meaning it. You aren't failing to be strong it you surrender to God, but you are realizing your weakness and his perfect strength. You are saying "I am small and I am weak, but you are a big God, I give everything into your hands. Remember, it's not complete surrender if you don't follow through with it or mean it. Without a heart of full surrender those words are empty. The most powerful words that can change nations are empty without a willing heart.
I realize that this article is a little repetitive, but I believe that if you repeat things, it will get ingrained in your heart and mind.

I am praying as I write this that anything that is not the truth or that is not of God or Biblical with fall away and not be remembered. I do this with all of my articles. Even though it is from His point of view, I, like most writers tend to add a little bit of their opinions.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Waiting for my Prince Charming

I guess this is a sweet subject that alot of people don't really want to think about. Waiting for your future spouse. "Dating" is the thing right now, and if you aren't dating, well you feel alone and kinda wierd. If it's your choice, that's great! If you are having a rough time with your parents or God's decision though, wait... God has a plan... It starts out with you staying pure. Not only phisically, but mentally too. Then doing what is right and maturing mentally, emotionally and in your faith. A lot of the time we tend to enter into a relationship without being ready to deal with the annoying stuff in it. The temptations, the hurt, and the reality that no one is perfect.

 Then it is asking Him for the right person. Not searching in every person for the qualities you want. Search for God's requirements. For me and my family, we don't "date" we date for life. If we ever even go on a date once, it will be with our future spouse. I do have to say that it is and will be hard to wait, but I am relying on God alone to help me wait. After that, when you find that person, it is important to still stay pure. God always, always, always, has reasons for everything he says and does... in the Bible he says to stay pure in heart, mind and body. Although in the world we live in, it is really hard to do that, we need to. I choose to wait, and when I am rewarded for the seemingly longest waiting period in my life, I will be so glad that I waited.

 I know it sounds rediculous, but I write in a journal to my future husband. I know that it helps me wait and I only want to give the journal to one man and have him read it only. God does not withhold (true) good from those who deseve it. When his timing is right and only then will He give you what you have been waiting for. I guess to sum it all up... Rely on God. Don't exclude him from any areas of your life. He loves you with a passion, and all I can do is love him too.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You Never Change

I would like some feedback on this song I wrote :) Please, comment!!!

Verse 1:
Here I am Lord, once again
I need to be with you.
So many distractions crowd my life I can't find peace.
You are my only hope of life,
And you're my only love.

Cause when my world shakes, and I'm confused.
When everything seems so short lived, You never change.
When I breath my last breath, when the earth passes away, You never change.

Verse 2:
You have my heart in your hands, Use me.
You're a Love who died once and once for all,
So how could I fall into something else,
How couldn't I find myself wrapped in your arms.


You never change, you never change, no... You stay the same.
You never fail, you never fall, you never fail us oh God...


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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Dream Book

I have so many dreams and ambitions, wishes and wants, hopes and needs... sooo, my friend the Black Swan and I decided to decorate notebooks to keep track of everything we wanted to be and do. That was the day when the dream book idea was born!!! (MWAHAHAHA) I know it sounds pathetic. The name implies that it is, but it isn't pathetic. Really. It contains things that I never want to forget about. Things I don't want to die without doing. Kinda like a bucket list. In it I have writen so far at least 18 things I want to accoplish before I die. Like getting married, having a family, changing lives. (Not sky-diving or bunggie jumping. I'm too much of a wimp. :D) I encourage all you blog readers, to create a dream book, even if it goes by another name. God gives us dreams and we should remember our goals, so when we get discouraged, we can look back and see that we have a pupose. I also want to give my dream book to my kids when they are older... to leave a legacy. Because to leave a legacy, you must live one first. I hope this gets you all thinking :)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Have you ever heard the phrase, "There is a war raging for our lives". I know I have. I have said it to people too. In Ephesians 6:12 it says, "For our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." The enemy (Satan) wants our souls, our love, and our undivided attention. (He is a control freak!) But God has us Christians. So consequently, Satan is fighting God (a fight that God has already won) over us. The enemy will do whatever it takes for just one person to fall away from God, in hopes that that person will lead others astray.

God does not want us to fall into the temptations that are always coming to us, and he loves us and hates to see us in pain (that does not mean that he will not allow pain to come, But that's a whole different topic), so he gave us armor. Not the physical type of armor. But the Armor of God. In Ephesians 6:10-17, it has the reasons why God gave you the armor. This armor is free and it should be part of your daily apparel. God gave you the choice of wearing it when you gave him yourself. So, although it is your choice to wear it or not, and since it is invisible, to be safe in your everyday spiritual battle, you should put on the full armor of God.

How do you fight and win? Pray. If you speak in tongues, use it often. Your prayer language is a smart bomb. it goes into the spiritual realm and it does what God wills it to do. Don't leave others to this dark world. Be a light. Take every opportunity and use it for God's glory. Ask Jesus what he wants you to do, and if he does not tell you to do something, don't do it, because everything that he does has a purpose. I do believe in evangelizing, but only if God tells you to evangelize to certain people. (that is just my belief. If that is not what you think, that is okay.) He will prepare you for whatever tasks he asks you to do. Although the battle may get harder, when you are at your weakest point, your weakness shows God's strength.

Ephesians 6:10-11 says, "Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.  Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes." Then it says later after verse 12;  " Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.  Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.  God has given you what you need for battle. And without him, we would lose the battle, but God is faithful. "Our battle is NOT against flesh and blood, there is a battle raging for our souls, our lives, and our love."
The question is, are you going to fight it?


Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Purpose and a Plan

We all have a purpose. But do we all have a plan? I know that I don't have a plan for my God-given purpose. To be honest, I have dreams, but God has not revealed to me His purpose for me. There seem to be doors opening, opportunities popping up, but I need Jesus to help me.

He says that he has a purpose and a plan for us all, and when the time is right time he will use us. For us people who do not have a distinct purpose for our lives at present, we (regardless of our situations) need to be seeking God in all things so that when He uses us when he chooses, we will be ready for what he has planed. I have plans that I wish were set in stone, but they are not because I don't think that they are God's plans. I am leaving the planing up to him. While I wait on his excellent timing though, I am going to try to seek him out in everything.

 He knows who I will become, what I will do, and when I will do it. It is all a mystery to me, but I am excited for what he is going to do.  His will, although it may not be mine, is always the best. (I never really like when things don't go the way I want them to, but I know if I was totally in control, I would mess everything up. So I am giving up control to the One who knows my thoughts before I even think them. :) He always has a plan and a purpose.


Friday, February 18, 2011


Are you who God created you to be?
This is a probing question that hit me while watching The Lion King with my little brothers. In the movie, after Nala finds Simba, after the "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" song, the strange monkey dude finds Simba. He tells the now huge lion that witnessed his father, Mufasa's, death when he was little, that his father is still alive. Simba was like, "No way dude, I saw him die. That's why I ran away." But the (still strange) monkey insists that Simba looks deep in this pond thing. Mufasa appears and gives his son a pep talk, basically saying, "You are not who you can be. You need to search deep in yourself to find who you are." For us Christians it would translate to God saying to us, "I have destined you to be more than you have become. Find yourself, your true identity in Me." I don't know about you, but I don't want to be lost in a false identity. I want to be found in God.


True Love

You may have heard "I love____!" a thousand times, but wondered if it was love... true love. I have heard someone very wise say, "It is not love unless it hurts." That does not mean that it has to hurt all the time. But it means that it will hurt if it is true love.

Biblical love, is unconditional. That means that even if their actions or words offend you, that you still love them. I find myself loving people because they are "working for me". That is a fraud love. But true love can only be found in Jesus. He was, is, and always will be Love. "He came down when we were still sinners" the Bible says, and he died for all, once for all. That is true love, that He died the most brutal death so that we may come to him. Even when we screw up, because he does not give up on us, he will ALWAYS love us for who we are, not for what we have or haven't done.

Why would a loving God allow things to happen to his beloved children? Or why does God discipline us to the point where it sometimes hurts? Our definition of love is inside a box. God's love is incomprehensible. He loves us so much that he allows things to happen to us. Do you remember when you got disciplined by your parents? I know that my parents said that they loved me to much to let me disobey. They told me that it hurt them to see me act the way I did. That is a small glimpse of the Father's love for us. God also allows "bad things to happen to good people" because we have sinned. Not only that but this is a fallen world. We can't control what God allows and we shouldn't blame God.

1Corinthinans 13:4-8 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  Love never fails.


Thursday, February 17, 2011


Welcome to my blog where you all are almost the first people to know my thoughts on things. You should feel very privileged :) Of course, Jesus knows my thoughts first so that's why I said "almost"... but still you are very special.