Bible Study :)

This is where I post follow ups to Bible studies that I have with my friends so that you all can enjoy what we have been talking about! Yay!!! There will be subjects, some verses and a paragraph about what God has to say about it. I think this will be an effective way to get to know God's heart on certain matters. Hope you like it!!!


Hey, for the last couple of weeks we've been talking about random subjects (as usual) like honoring you parents, beauty, and I think we did one about flirting. I just wanted to recap on those subjects by saying, these things are very important.

Honoring your parents- it is a sin that is listed with God haters, so it is pretty big stuff. It is also the first commandment with a promise in the ten commandments.

Beauty- it is important to know how God sees you before you can get an accurate picture of who you are. Beauty comes from your heart, and shines out through that to make you even more beautiful. When you say. "I'm not beautiful" You are telling God, "You didn't make me well enough".

Flirting- Flirting is doing or saying something to build yourself up even if it might tear someone down. It is when you want something and you compromise to get it. Like girls, they want love, so they flirt for that attention, therefore exposing their hearts to others who could emotionally hurt them. It is not wise or right to flirt, so don't do it :)