Friday, October 28, 2011


Halloween is a day where, as my brothers understand it, you get to dress up in an awesome costume and then get lots of candy. It seems so innocent. The real story behind it is not very appealing. (You can read for yourself at the Answers in Genesis website) The real fact of the matter is that Halloween is a cultic day. It is a day that Satan has tried (and mostly succeeded) to own. We as God's people have to take a stand against what is wrong and what is evil. So what can we do??? Don't take part in the normal Halloween things... the freakiness of it all. You can "celebrate" this Halloween by celebrating God and His power, his faithfulness, the fact that he defeated death and brought us life, and the fact that we don't belong to Satan anymore. Look at Halloween though a child's eyes, but also realize the darkness that is associated with. Take part in the innocent side of Halloween, the fun of eating candy and occasionally dressing up. My family used to skip Halloween, go to the beach for a weekend, eat candy and have a whole bunch of fun. It was innocent, and fun, but without Halloween.

Monday, October 17, 2011

He Calls me Lovely

Girls, this post applies almost only to you.

This morning she looked in the mirror in dismay,
She took one look at her reflection and cringed.
"Why God, did you make me this way?"
She turned away quickly, then looked at her body,
"Why God, did you make me so fat?"
She skipped her breakfast, and forgot her lunch,
Though her friends said she was pretty, and thin.
She said "Whatever" and thought they were lying.
Her parents were busy with other things,
And did not pay attention, their love was still there,
Just not in the same form.
She was so tired of not trusting
Those who loved her the most.
But she was self-conscious, and afraid that what she saw was what others saw too.
Days passed by in utter frustration at the God who created her in his image.
One very late night, in her bedroom, she was crying tears of pain.
Then she heard a voice saying your lovely to me.
She said, "No I'm ugly, fat, and worthless,
How could anyone see me as lovely?"
The voice replied, "how could anyone see you as ugly?
I made you for a purpose. I made you for a reason.
You are my delight and my joy.
Never forget, I call you lovely".


You Can be a Hero

You can be a hero. You don't need to be a soldier or be in other known hero occupations. You can be a hero in your school, (Co-op counts too) church , or even on the streets. If you just talk to someone, you could change their life. They could have told God that if no one talked to them that day, they would kill themselves. They could be in depression. They could have no family. They could feel unloved. You don't know. But because the most amazing hero lives in you, you can be a hero. I love Super Chic(k)'s song Hero. That song inspired me to write this post. It is so eye opening and spot on that I recommend you looking it up and listening to it. I know that there are so many teens imparticular who struggle with suicide. They don't feel loved. They don't think they "fit in". They are so pressured to be a certain way (that is impossible to be for most people) that they can't bear being alive. That's when you can save their life. Talk to people who don't have like any friends. Listen to them and pray for them. It could change their lives and most importantly their decision. Don't just settle into your clique or exclude yourself from other people. Life is a gift, I just wish that every one knew how precious it is.


A Fortress

Have you ever thought of God being your fortress? You know, a fortress is a place of safety. It is strong and is a place to take refuge in. Stop reading after this next sentence and focus on the question. Just think, who or what is your fortress? Don't just say God is your fortress if he really isn't. Are you proud of your real fortress? I know I have made a few fortresses for myself. Where I am loved is usually where my fortress is. However, that isn't really good or right. You all know that I write songs. I write sometimes that God is my fortress. He isn't the only fortress I have though. I am ashamed to say that I'm not quite sure if he is my main fortress. I want him to be my fortress. He is stronger than death... what more could you want for a fortress. He loves us so deeply that we can't comprehend it! Imagine that. (Don't try too hard because it is humanly impossible. :D) He is so amazing that I can't even describe who he is to me. Distractions, sin, and junk of the world blind us to how amazing and wonderful he is though. We forget who we were made to love and who we were made to take refuge in. He is a strong and mighty fortress. All who take refuge in him will be blessed. I am not really sure how this will work, but I am going to challenge you to search your heart and examine your life. What do you rely on and take refuge in that is not God. Talk to God and depending if you are ready and willing, surrender those things to God. He can become your everything if you delight in him and surrender to him everything else that you rely soley on.


Quiet Time

Jesus, in the gospel chapters of the Bible (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) showed the example of spending time alone with God, his Father. Since we are Christians, our main purpose and goal is to become more like Jesus. He knew that, so when he came down, he modeled what our relationship with God should look like. So, spend time with God. Give him time out of your day. He gave you that time, and if you don't give him back that time, you are taking something away from God and yourself. You are taking from yourself a life saving amazing relationship with God. You are telling God that what you have to do is more important than Him. I think about it this way, if you have enough time to be on FaceBook, the computer, or to read a book, (that is not long lasting) then you have enough time to be with God, who is everlasting.



Okay, I don't know about you, but I have seen some girls who just shine. They are pretty, but that is not what gets my attention. There is a beauty and purity in them that shines out. That inner beauty is because of Jesus. That unusual thing about her is Jesus. I want to be that girl. My prayer is that when people see me, they will see my inner beauty. I want a beauty that lasts, and that is priceless. I don't want to be empty or shallow. I have Jesus and I don't want to be ashamed. HE is my identity and my beauty. Even if I am not beautiful according to the world, I desire to be beautiful according to God.