Thursday, April 26, 2012

Losing Control

What do you think of when you hear the phrase "losing control"? I think of a person in a car hitting black ice. Honestly, it is a scary thing to lose control. Most people think that their worlds are going to collapse when they don't have control over their lives. Letting go of the control and power you have over your life is sometimes a bad thing, especially if you give that power to other people. (Being under some one's authority is totally different from being controlled by someone.) As Christians we are told to lose control. We are told to give up all control and power we posses to give it to God. It is really hard. Humans love to control things. We naturally freak out if we don't have power over our lives, dreams, and destinies. The thing is, is when we give God everything, we are in more capable hands than any other human being on the planet. We have no reason to freak out. God gave us free will, yes, that is true, but he wants the control. God isn't a control freak, but He loves us so He asks for the control. When we become Christians, we give our lives to God. However, we often don't give him control. This is a huge part of ourselves that does make us sin sometimes. It is important that we don't hold anything back from God. He will do amazing things in your life, you just need to let Him lead the way.


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