Wednesday, August 8, 2012


What is your main focus??? Mine, unfortunately is not God, but he is becoming my main focus. He desires a relationship with you. He longs for your worship, and for you to bring Him glory. He is a jealous God. He doesn't like it when we chase other things or when we give him a little bit of attention.  He wants it all! Focusing on Him is really hard even when you aren't easily distracted. The enemy doesn't want your attention, your focus, to be on God, so he does everything in his power to distract you from what really matters. God wants to train you to be able to resist distractions, but you can only do that when you seek him out, and pursue him with all that you are. Its a desire thing, not a natural thing that happens when you accept Christ. He does give you desires for him, but it doesn't make your life any easier. So, I challenge you to make God your main focus. Once you make that a priority, you will find that he is even more amazing than you could ever imagine!


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