Friday, April 22, 2011

Waiting for my Prince Charming

I guess this is a sweet subject that alot of people don't really want to think about. Waiting for your future spouse. "Dating" is the thing right now, and if you aren't dating, well you feel alone and kinda wierd. If it's your choice, that's great! If you are having a rough time with your parents or God's decision though, wait... God has a plan... It starts out with you staying pure. Not only phisically, but mentally too. Then doing what is right and maturing mentally, emotionally and in your faith. A lot of the time we tend to enter into a relationship without being ready to deal with the annoying stuff in it. The temptations, the hurt, and the reality that no one is perfect.

 Then it is asking Him for the right person. Not searching in every person for the qualities you want. Search for God's requirements. For me and my family, we don't "date" we date for life. If we ever even go on a date once, it will be with our future spouse. I do have to say that it is and will be hard to wait, but I am relying on God alone to help me wait. After that, when you find that person, it is important to still stay pure. God always, always, always, has reasons for everything he says and does... in the Bible he says to stay pure in heart, mind and body. Although in the world we live in, it is really hard to do that, we need to. I choose to wait, and when I am rewarded for the seemingly longest waiting period in my life, I will be so glad that I waited.

 I know it sounds rediculous, but I write in a journal to my future husband. I know that it helps me wait and I only want to give the journal to one man and have him read it only. God does not withhold (true) good from those who deseve it. When his timing is right and only then will He give you what you have been waiting for. I guess to sum it all up... Rely on God. Don't exclude him from any areas of your life. He loves you with a passion, and all I can do is love him too.


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