Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Note: I'm a little hesitant to touch on the subject of surrendering. I just thought to put that out there. I'm taking everything straight from what God says. in this subject.

I know that the phrase "I surrender God" is sometimes cliche. No doubt it is one of the most powerful phrases in the world, not only in the spiritual but in the natural, but I don't think we completely realize what we are saying. What is surrendering? It is giving up... In a strong way. It is saying, "God, I know that you are bigger and that I can't do this alone." Or saying "I'm going to stop fighting your hand in my life." "I'm giving up what I want for what you want."  As you can probably tell, surrendering isn't a warm fuzzy feeling. It hurts. It is hard. It is sometimes extremely scary. Now that you understand what I'm talking about, lets move on to how it is becoming cliche. It's because some people sing in songs I surrender, even if they don't mean it. They say "I surrender God" but sometimes in their hearts are still fighting God. They say I surrender, but don't understand what they are saying. Surrendering in some churches is never taught. However, it is one of the most important things that needs to be done in our relationship with God.. Sin SEPARATES us from God. How can we follow and have a mutual personal relationship with someone we are separated from? Surrendering our worries, anger, frustrations, feelings, and hurts to God are not always as easy done then said. Surrendering our plans, lives and will to God is so hard.

Fighting against God is fighting for the Satan. We MUST surrender everything. If not our relationship with God is severed.

That is also where it becomes cliche. We say, "Surrender to God!" but don't teach what it means to surrender, therefore people are "surrendering" without truly meaning it. You aren't failing to be strong it you surrender to God, but you are realizing your weakness and his perfect strength. You are saying "I am small and I am weak, but you are a big God, I give everything into your hands. Remember, it's not complete surrender if you don't follow through with it or mean it. Without a heart of full surrender those words are empty. The most powerful words that can change nations are empty without a willing heart.
I realize that this article is a little repetitive, but I believe that if you repeat things, it will get ingrained in your heart and mind.

I am praying as I write this that anything that is not the truth or that is not of God or Biblical with fall away and not be remembered. I do this with all of my articles. Even though it is from His point of view, I, like most writers tend to add a little bit of their opinions.


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