Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Presents

Christmas is like my favorite time of the year for several reasons. First, it's a reminder of the best gift I have ever received, it's a celebration time with all of my family, and I absolutely LOVE the decorations! But, as my title suggests, I'm not talking about the lights, decorations or the family. I'm talking about presents. I always get so caught up in the material presents, sometimes forgetting the greatest Gift ever, Jesus. I wish that I could say that even if I didn't get any presents that I would be overjoyed and satisfied with Jesus and salvation, but I can't just yet. So, if the meaning of Christmas, the reason we celebrate it, and the reason it exists is because of Jesus coming down to save us, then why aren't we focusing on him as much as we should? A lot Christians focus on Him closer to December 25, while others start in December and NEVER start. Christmas isn't a day, it's a sort of spirit... Not a spiritual being, but an attitude. So when you're getting your Christmas presents try and imagine if you hadn't got any this year. If you can imagine it, and be okay with it, then you have a gift. The gift of a grateful heart for the things that truly matter.


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