Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Year Without a Christmas

With Christmas 3 days away, I thought it appropriate to have another post on Christmas... It's such a big day that people anticipate all year round. My title was inspired by five minutes of thinking, and so basically I'm winging it. Last year, I was gone for Christmas... my parents, sisters and I were out of country. Our Christmas' are awesome! I mean, we open presents, eat, decorate for the family dinner, open more presents once grandparents, friends, and uncles and aunts come over. Then we eat some more, then we sit and talk and then have dessert. Last Christmas though, we had none of that. It was like someone took away everything from me, and I couldn't get any of it back. It was the hardest Christmas yet. Russia didn't celebrate their Christmas in December, but in January, so I didn't get to see the beautiful decorations in the malls or on the streets. We didn't do presents, we didn't do Christmas... at least, not the way everyone understands it to be. We were having a hard time on I think would be either Christmas Eve, or Christmas day. My parents decided they should pray about it, and so they did. God showed them that Christmas is an attitude, not just a day. It's not about presents, the food, the family coming over, and the decorations. It's about giving, love, and joy. I mean, what would Christmas be without those things. It would be a party of receiving gifts and giving them because it was traditional.  So, we did end up having Christmas when we got home, and it's all good now :) Although it was a very hard month in Russia, I'm so happy that God taught me about Christmas, and why he did what he did.
God GAVE his Son out of LOVE to bring us salvation and JOY.


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