Friday, June 17, 2011

Defining God's Character

What automatically pops into your head when your are asked the question, "What is God like?" I can name a lot of things. Who is God? Creator, Perfector, gentle, kind, patient, just, righteous, holy, amazing, awesome, King of Kings, Lord, and Savior. There are so many other things that God is. He is someone that no human can comprehend. He hasn't even revealed all of his character to anyone. He is so loving that we can't begin to understand his love for us or how he loves a sinful people like us. His joy is so overwhelming that we can't experience it to the fullest here on earth. He is so amazing! How though can we get a better glimpse of God's character? By studying Him. You know, you need to learn about something before you can understand it. Even the hardest most impossible things to comprehend are studied in science and in math. Although, there will never be a complete knowledge of those subjects, they are studied to catch more of a glimpse of the complexity of that field. We should do the same with God. We need to study his word. We need to spend quality time with him. We need to glean more information out of whatever reliable and true resource that is out there about God-- the Bible. A few good places to start are, Isaiah, Proverbs, Genesis, Song of Songs (if you look at it as if it was your relationship with God.) and Romans. Then, you should follow where God leads. We will never fully understand who God is, but the more we understand who He is, the more we love him, and are able to see the bigger picture.


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