Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tearing out the Roots

Being a fallen world, we have sin. To us it is natural. We don't like it, but never the less it is there. As a people, we tend to pull out the visible part of our sin, but figure that if people can't see the sin, we are safe. It's like the skeleton in the closet. When we conclude that no one knows about our sin, we try to push it aside. However, when we don't uproot the "weeds" in our lives, the "weeds" come back again. Although uprooting things in your life takes time and it sometimes hurts, the result is more beautiful, holy, and righteous than before. There are lilies where there were thorns, and there is good fruit where fruit was never produced. The sin and stuff in our lives (No matter how big or how small) chokes the spiritual life out of us. I challenge you to pray and ask God what roots need to be torn up in your life. You aren't able to do this by yourself though. Some roots are so deep that you need a shovel. God will dig as deep as he needs to in order to uproot the sin. You must be willing for him to work in you. You are like the flower bed. He is the master gardener. He wants and needs to work in you. Don't hold him back.


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