Saturday, June 25, 2011


Yes, yes, I know... Resolutions are mostly made and mentioned in the month of January, but do we keep them? No. (Unless you are perfect, then you keep your resolution to a T.) So, in this wonderful month of June, (it starts with a "J" at least) I am going to write about resolutions. There is a lot of meaning in that word. But, what does it mean to you? Think about it. A resolution is something that you decide or resolve to stick with and do. However, no one seems to stick to what they resolve to do. Every year, year after year, after New Years day, a lot of people want to loose weight and get in shape. There are signs for support groups, a whole bunch of people walking and running on the side walks and people are hitting the gym. Suddenly, after about a month or less of that, most of those people stop and give up on their resolutions. They don't see results, so consequently they give up. It's so sad. I'm not saying that all of those people needed to loose the weight, I'm just saying that when they don't see something happen in their suitable time frame, they decide it's not worth while to pursue. A resolution is so much more than a thought or idea, it's an action. I have made a resolution to follow Jesus. I have not given up so far, and I don't intend to. I don't always see results of him in my life, but I can't give up on him because I can't see, hear, or feel him. Too many have had a warm fuzzy, "I'm in Love with Jesus" feeling, but when come to reality again ditch Jesus because they can't escape their troubles. They ditch Jesus because the "honeymoon stage" is over. He doesn't make life perfect for you, but he does walk through life with you. So many people have given up on their resolution to follow Christ, and may never come back to him. They don't see the effects, they don't see progress. They don't feel "the change". Don't give up. Never break your resolution to follow Christ, and don't become one of those who never finish the race.


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