Monday, October 17, 2011

He Calls me Lovely

Girls, this post applies almost only to you.

This morning she looked in the mirror in dismay,
She took one look at her reflection and cringed.
"Why God, did you make me this way?"
She turned away quickly, then looked at her body,
"Why God, did you make me so fat?"
She skipped her breakfast, and forgot her lunch,
Though her friends said she was pretty, and thin.
She said "Whatever" and thought they were lying.
Her parents were busy with other things,
And did not pay attention, their love was still there,
Just not in the same form.
She was so tired of not trusting
Those who loved her the most.
But she was self-conscious, and afraid that what she saw was what others saw too.
Days passed by in utter frustration at the God who created her in his image.
One very late night, in her bedroom, she was crying tears of pain.
Then she heard a voice saying your lovely to me.
She said, "No I'm ugly, fat, and worthless,
How could anyone see me as lovely?"
The voice replied, "how could anyone see you as ugly?
I made you for a purpose. I made you for a reason.
You are my delight and my joy.
Never forget, I call you lovely".


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  1. I love this! I will definitely keep up on your blogs, God uses them to encourage me, to change me. Love you!