Monday, October 17, 2011

You Can be a Hero

You can be a hero. You don't need to be a soldier or be in other known hero occupations. You can be a hero in your school, (Co-op counts too) church , or even on the streets. If you just talk to someone, you could change their life. They could have told God that if no one talked to them that day, they would kill themselves. They could be in depression. They could have no family. They could feel unloved. You don't know. But because the most amazing hero lives in you, you can be a hero. I love Super Chic(k)'s song Hero. That song inspired me to write this post. It is so eye opening and spot on that I recommend you looking it up and listening to it. I know that there are so many teens imparticular who struggle with suicide. They don't feel loved. They don't think they "fit in". They are so pressured to be a certain way (that is impossible to be for most people) that they can't bear being alive. That's when you can save their life. Talk to people who don't have like any friends. Listen to them and pray for them. It could change their lives and most importantly their decision. Don't just settle into your clique or exclude yourself from other people. Life is a gift, I just wish that every one knew how precious it is.


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