Friday, October 28, 2011


Halloween is a day where, as my brothers understand it, you get to dress up in an awesome costume and then get lots of candy. It seems so innocent. The real story behind it is not very appealing. (You can read for yourself at the Answers in Genesis website) The real fact of the matter is that Halloween is a cultic day. It is a day that Satan has tried (and mostly succeeded) to own. We as God's people have to take a stand against what is wrong and what is evil. So what can we do??? Don't take part in the normal Halloween things... the freakiness of it all. You can "celebrate" this Halloween by celebrating God and His power, his faithfulness, the fact that he defeated death and brought us life, and the fact that we don't belong to Satan anymore. Look at Halloween though a child's eyes, but also realize the darkness that is associated with. Take part in the innocent side of Halloween, the fun of eating candy and occasionally dressing up. My family used to skip Halloween, go to the beach for a weekend, eat candy and have a whole bunch of fun. It was innocent, and fun, but without Halloween.

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