Monday, January 30, 2012

Living Life to the Fullest

I realized, after a while... 3 or so years... that I have not been living out my life to meet God's standards. I have also realized that in order to live my life out to the fullest, I need God's help.
  • What does it mean to live life you the fullest?
Living life to the fullest means to fulfill God's purpose for your live. He has planned out your life, to the last breath that you will take. He knows EVERYTHING that you will do, and nothing is a surprise to him. So, he has also given purpose to your life. Not everyone's life purpose is the same, but God plans you to do things that will glorify him and further His kingdom.

  • Your purpose doesn't have to be super extraordinary
People are called to do different things. You may be called to be a mom or dad without a crazy special profession. In fact, the people who are just parents with a normal job could be the most world changing people because if they are the parents that God intended them to be, they will raise children who could be world changers or who will follow God and live by the example of their parents.

  • If you don't seek God, you won't find worth pursuing
What I am saying is that you NEED to ask God what your calling is. You will have so many regrets later if you follow your "heart" or your instincts. You need to follow and listen to God's heart. You will not live your life according to God's purpose unless you are in tune to His heart. Unless you seek Him, you will be empty. Your dreams, aspirations, and hopes may not be what God has in store. Seek Him first!


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