Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My heart

Heart, oh heart, why did you have to fall so hard?
When I followed you, you broke
You left this broken girl to fix you
I followed you thinking you knew the way
You knew what I wanted, and I wanted more love
You didn't point me to the Cross,
It's not your nature
So you threw opportunities, hopes and thoughts at me,
Trying to solves my problem.
I chose you above God,
Such foolishness I am ashamed of.
I listened to you, my heart, and ignored the One pleading,
"This is not right, you'll hurt yourself choose me! Choose me!"
But I didn't listen, I chose you, my heart
And now, I'm here, crying out to God,
Hold me, and heal me.
I'm sorry that I left you, I said I didn't need you.
I chose "love" over Love.


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