Sunday, January 22, 2012



I was lost 
My heart was uncleansed, unable to be restored
My soul was hardened, for I was born a sinner
Turning one way, only to turn back
to sin, death, and pain.
I was found, but like a sheep,
I wandered away
I left He who could love me
I left He who could save me
I left He who gave it all
But He searched for me,
though he knew where I was
He longed for me,
though I was in reach
He died for me, though my sins were many.

The world is lost
it needs the Savior
it turns to other things
Sin, corruption, and death
The world has turned
From the One who Saves,
Restores, and loves
He is calling them, they ignore him
They walk into death,
though they do not know it.
He reaches for them, but they push away
God to them is a restriction, a story
They do not know that he died and defeated death
for them.
They are blind. They are lost
They don't know Him
But He has overcome the world.

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