Monday, May 23, 2011

God's Complete and Perfect Will

Human will. To do whatever we desire, whenever, no matter what it is. Our society and world right now says that you should get whatever, whenever. They bend the rules to make their will be done. God's will. He sees the big picture of our lives. He knows what id best for us. Only He does. A lesson I have learned: God will not give you what he has promised you until you are ready. The hard wait or silence that he allows is so that you will be ready to accept what he has for you. My family has gone through heartbreak, long waiting periods of silence, and disappointments. For 3 1/2 years we waited and God prepared us for a dramatic change. I am so glad that he had every detail worked out, and let his will be done and not mine. Our family learned to say, "Not our will but yours be done." Though it was painful and we were walking into a new season, God prepared us, and said, "My will is to be done. You can't comprehend what is in store for your life. You must rely on me, and let My will be done." Even Jesus said to is Father, "Let not my will, but your will be done." Before the Romans took him to die. Jesus new that God's will and plan was so much bigger and more important than his own, even though he faced death. God does everything because he loves us. If you are waiting and are wanting your will to be done, remember, (1) God is preparing you  (2) There is a reason, though we can't comprehend it, for everything God does (3) You aren't ready for the change God is bringing.


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