Sunday, May 8, 2011

Love of My Life

The love of my life:

He was born to a young girl, about 15,
She was still pure though pregnant with him.
It was a miracle that wouldn't happen again.
At 12 years he was devoted forever to God,
And showed it by seeking his everything.

He became a teacher that many looked up to
but one that some people hated
He healed the sick and restored sight to the blind.
Deaf for once could hear the words he spoke.

He performed miracles by the power of the one who sent him
He never rejected any one, for they were is beloved people.

He was depised and rejected by the holy people.
He was labled as a sinner, though he did nothing wrong
he was shammed to the sinner's cross,
And could have saved himself,
but he took on our sin and shame and let the people mock him.

He died once, and once for all people
His father sacrificed his son for those he loved on earth
it was part of his plan.

Death could not hold him down,
he conquered the grave,
and rose frorm the dead 3 days after his death
He defeated our sin no matter how great or small
and it's nailed to the cross.

Jesus, the love of my life is he.
He was there when the before the earth was made,
He has been here and active since then and always will be.
He never leaves those who call on his name,
and he holds us when we can't stand up.


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